Top Picks for the Best Hair Tools

It’s important to think about the quality of products you stick in your hair. Not just the shampoos and gels you add, but also the hair tools you use for styling.

Different hair types require different products, but the quality of those products will also affect the results you get.

Batta Hair specializes in selling products that maximize follicle health. Women and men of all ages can depend on our selection of top brands.

Our Approach to Happy, Healthy Locks

It will take more than a single shampoo or curling iron to achieve your desired hairdo.

Great hair is all about choosing the right mix of products and discovering a haircare routine that works for you.

Our hope is to add to your convenience by only selling trusted brands whose quality you can rely on. We filter out the junk to save you money!

Need a good ceramic flat iron? How about a new flat iron?

Not Sure What You Need? Just Ask!

Visit the ‘Drop Us a Line’ section on our Home page. We’re happy to provide our customers with tips and suggestions.

We want you to feel confident and content with your order.

After all, we don’t want you purchasing the items in your shopping cart unless you’re 100% certain you have what you need.

BABYLISS PRO Stainless steel flat iron 1 1/4" Optima 3000, Batta hair
Hot Tools Black Gold One-Step Blowout, Batta Hair
Hair Styling Tools for Damp Locks

Many hair styling tools (and other items for purchase on our website) are ideally used when your strands are damp.

It’s probably a good time to remind you all that shampooing too much can negatively impact your hair.

The Key to Using Our Styling Tools Properly

First off, it’s important to know your hair type.

Thick/wavy hair may be suitable for a shampoo rinse once a week. An excessively oily scalp may require washing every day. The same may be necessary for thin hair that lacks moisture.

Sweat, dirt, an oily scalp, and the amount of buildup left over by styling gels will also contribute to your washing schedule.

A Trusted Online Retailer

We may not have as many products as Amazon, and you won’t find us at the mall like Sephora.

We are a Canadian business that cares about your needs.

Our curated products are well-reviewed, with lots of positive comments.

Here are a few of our favourite items that we feel deserve a special shout-out.

Hot Tools Professional One-step Blowout Styler Detachable Size Small, Batta Hair
The Ultimate Dryer

Parlux ALYON® Air Ionizer Tech Dryer – $349.99

Granted, not everyone will need a professional salon dryer for everyday use.

However, if you’re looking to own one of the best in the market today, we suggest the Parlux ALYON®. This product is worth every penny for its long-lasting durability.

It’s also one of the lightest and most compact dryers around.

The 9-foot-long power cord offers a significant advantage at home or in the salon. The only thing worse than tangled hair is dealing with tangled cords. This dryer is super easy to use.

Another plus? The Parlux ALYON® is a lot quieter than the majority of other blow dryers we’ve tried. Reduced volume protects your ears and allows you to have a conversation while you’re using it.

In addition to all the features you would expect from an excellent hair dryer (air cooling button, 2-piece nozzle), the ionizing technology is a big plus as the Parlux ALYON® dries quickly while reducing frizz.

Our Favourite Flat Iron

Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon 1″ Flat Iron – $139.99

We love the award-winning Hot Tools brand! Their flat irons and curling irons are second to none in the industry.

Straight or wavy or shiny loose curls? The choice is yours using this flat ceramic iron that delivers consistently pleasing results.

The easy-to-read, variable temperature control (with alarm and memory recall for settings) makes this flat iron stand out!

The premium ceramic-titanium floating plates prevent corrosion and damaging friction. You get full hair contact for effortless styling.

HOT TOOLS Black Gold Evolve 1" Flat Iron, Batta Hair
HOT TOOLS Black Gold Ionic Hair Dryer, Batta Hair
The Best Blowouts

Hot Tools Professional One-Step Blowout Styler Detachable Size Small – $149.99

Hoping to get that gorgeous blowout before your night out with friends?

Hot Tools comes through again with this fantastic all-in-one brush, dryer, and volumizer.

With its steady heat and flexible charcoal bristles, you’ll get rid of the tangles in no time.

Curated Styling Tools

We only carry items that we believe add good value for our customers. We filter out the junk, so you never have to be disappointed.

We prefer our customers to be happy and content.

If we don’t feel that a blow dryer or flat iron lives up to our high standards, we won’t add it to the site.

If the features are lacking or a product is hard to use, you won’t find it here. Our products are carefully chosen for quality assurance.

Is there any content you wish to see on the Batta Hair site? Let us know.

HOT TOOLS Gold Extra Long Barrel Curling Iron/Wand, Batta Hair