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Say Goodbye to Yellow Tones with Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner

Blondes have more fun, but only if they have the right shampoo!

For people with hair that is bleached, blonde, white, gray or silver, your regular shampoo may not be doing you any favors.

Have you noticed your tresses starting to turn brassy? For people with white or gray hair, yellow tones are not uncommon.

There are plenty of things that cause those yellow and orange hues to creep back into your new style. Thankfully, a trip to the salon isn’t your only solution for maintaining your look.

A purple shampoo/purple conditioner may just be your new secret weapon in the battle against yellowing hair.

What Causes Unwanted Yellow Tones?

If you have white, silver, or bleached hair, spending too much time in the sun can certainly lead to brassy and yellow tones. If you are a former blonde but have since gone gray, prolonged exposure to the sun will enhance any of the remaining blonde pigment.

But it’s not just the sun you have to worry about.

The minerals and metals found in water from swimming pools or your shower at home can also cause discoloration.

That yellow hue may also stem from using blow dryers or flat irons. A little too much heat without using a good protectant spray can burn and damage your hair resulting in that unflattering yellow tinge.

Air pollution, medications, your diet, and even other hair styling products may also play a role.

A good purple shampoo, like the ones sold at Batta Hair, can repair and restore your look. 

So What’s a Blonde Shampoo Then?

If you’ve been battling brassy tones for a while, you may already be familiar with products sold as bright blonde shampoo, cool blonde shampoo, toning shampoo, etc. Although the names may be different, they are all pigment depositing shampoos. The purple hue contained within each bottle is formulated to accomplish the same thing once you apply it to your wet hair.

Blue shampoos also neutralize brassy tones but tend to work better for people with darker shades of hair. That being said, our Oligo Professional Backlight Blue Shampoo  is ideal for people with bleached, white, or naturally blonde hair. The argan oil it contains increases elasticity and prevents breakage for a healthy-looking sheen.

Batta Hair is confident in every product we carry. If you have questions about which product is best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why a Purple Shampoo for Silver, Blonde or Highlighted Hair?

A good purple shampoo is recommended for anyone with platinum, silver, gray, pastel, or white hair color.

The purple pigments will help neutralize yellow tones and make your silver strands and blonde locks bright and healthy looking.

A purple shampoo counteracts the yellow. On a color wheel, purple and yellow are on opposite sides, directly across from one another. They are considered complementary colors.

The purple pigment contained with the best purple shampoos and purple conditioners will help diminish those brassy, yellow and orange tones.

Not only does the purple tint neutralize unwanted yellow, but regular use of a purple toning shampoo will keep your hair feeling soft. The products on our website help prevent breakage and are good for people with sensitive scalps.

Batta Hair strives to carry only the best purple shampoos and purple conditioners on the market. Over the years, we’ve found people really love the OLAPLEX 4P Toning Shampoo for its ability to brighten and lighten all styles of hair.

Who said going gray or managing silver hair would be easy?

No matter what problems your hair is facing, Batta Hair has products that can help. Let us know what you need.