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Ammonia and peroxide-free semi-permanent color Provides natural-looking, translucent color with exceptional shine a3 complex strengthens hair while enhancing shine and preserving its natural moisture Last 4 to 6 weeks FOR NATURAL OR CHEMICALLY-TREATED HAIR : Use the same day as a chemical service to restore color, life, and bounce Refresh color intensity and restore healthy, vibrant shine between color services Get commitment-free dimension and dazzling shine all while strengthening your hair DIRECTIONS : Shampoo and Condition hair Detangle and comb through hair. Towel dry hair to 75%. Part hair in sections then apply Stain Guard to hairline and partings. Apply Cellophanes Gold Red liberally, starting from 1/8″ (0.3 cm) from scalp, then through to the ends. Wrap hair in cap and place under heat for 15-20 minutes. Allow hair to cool 5 minutes before rinsing well with lukewarm water. Follow with Shampoo and conditioner. Use Stain Remover, if needed.